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Rebuilding America…One Loan at a Time

Welcome to AmericaVest CRE Mortgage Funding Trust. We’re glad you’re here and we are interested to know more about your projects and how we can help your financing efforts.

Over the last several years, our nation has experienced the worst economic downturn since World War II. Difficulty in obtaining financing has forced many projects to a grinding halt. Borrowers have run out of the “traditional” ammunition they need to move their business forward. For commercial borrowers looking for an alternative to traditional financing sources, what is the best course of action?

If you are among the many commercial borrowers experiencing these difficulties, we believe your best option is to align yourself with a private commercial lender with the ability to fully customize financing solutions. One that has an extensive network of strategic business relationships to fast track the success of your project(s).

That commercial lender is AmericaVest CRE Mortgage Funding Trust.

America’s Invisible Backbone

As a private, direct commercial real estate lender, you can rely on us to help finance your real estate transactions, which will help support and rebuild communities. We are experienced, understanding, and authentic commercial lenders. Let’s work together to repair our economy, create job opportunities, and be the strength behind the “new era in commercial lending.”

We invite you to browse our site and learn more about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you. Just a phone call away, let us be the answer to your financing needs.

AmericaVest…one community at a time…one project at a time…one loan at a time.